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This Years Judge
John Monaco from San Martin, California
My name is John Monaco and I live in San Martin, California, a small town about 70 miles south of San Francisco. For 29 years I owned and operated an automotive machine shop and repair service. My wife Nora and I now own a wholesale gift company that ships gift products throughout the United States and Canada. We have been married for 44 years and have 2 sons and 9 grandchildren.

I started raising poultry in the sixties exhibiting at my local fairs. It was not until the late seventies that I went to my first winter show and have been attending shows ever since. Over the years I have raised many breeds of poultry, mostly large fowl. I started with White Crested Black Polish and Light Brahmas but also raised and exhibited White Orpingtons, Rhode Island Reds and Golden Penciled Hamburgs to name a few. I did have a few Bantam breeds such as Black Cochins and Single Comb and Rose Comb White Leghorns. To this day I am still raising the White Crested Black Polish and I have just recently starting raising the Rose Comb White Leghorn Bantams once again. I am a Master Exhibitor in both the American Poultry Association and the American Bantam Association. I am also a Grand Master Exhibitor in 4 varieties and a Hall of Fame Exhibitor in the APA.

I was one of the founding members of the Gold Coast Poultry Fanciers and served as show secretary for 19 years. In 1993 I became an American Poultry Association General Licensed Judge and received my ABA Bantam Chicken and Bantam Duck License the next year. I have had the honor and the privilege of judging shows throughout the United States and Canada.

In 1998 I started serving as District 8 Director for the American Poultry Association and stayed in that position for 14 years. I then served one term as Vice-President and am currently in my first term as President. Over the years I have served on many APA committees. The two that I feel were the most rewarding were the Constitution and By-laws Committee and the Committee on Standards.

The poultry fancy has been a major part of my life for nearly 40 years. I still enjoy raising and exhibiting poultry but you may now see me attend a show just to talk to some old friends or to admire some great birds. Overall what I will remember most is not the awards that I have won but the people I have met and the friendships I have made in this great hobby.

For more information please contact; Zeb Skow 507-236-6788 or Bart Pals 641-430-2916
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